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VOL. XVII, ISSUE 2, 2020

                       MADE in inDiA TO aCQuirE by inDia

          The year 2020 marks the Diamond Jubilee of Tata Motors which played no small share in the
           development of Indian industry. The growth covers the period which marks the beginnings
           of national Self Suffi  ciency to Made in india to acquire by india. this special issue tries to
                                    capture the concise account of this journey.

                                 inCEpTiOn                                  In 1932, realising the importance
                                                                            of transportation long before others
                                                                            did, J.R.D. Tata managed to persuade
                                                                            Sir Dorabji Tata to fi nance the Tata
                                                                            Airlines. With his elevation as the
                                                                            Chairman of Tata Sons in 1938, it was
                                                                            but natural for the Tatas to enter the
                                             FROM THE                       transport industry.

                                                                            The “Tatanagar Shops” - unoffi  cially
                                                                            called the “Singhbhum Shops” - of the
                                                                            East Indian Railway were purchased
                                                                            by Tata Sons from the Government of
                                                 OF THE                     India. On that occasion J.R.D. said: “Our
                                                                            object, as you know, is to undertake
                                                                            the manufacture of boilers in the fi rst
                                                                            instance, then of locomotives and
                       TATA CENTRAL ARCHIVES
                                                                            eventually of engineering machinery.
                                                                            This transfer may, therefore, be said to
                                                                            constitute an important step forward in
                                                                            the country’s march towards industrial
                                                                            self-suffi  ciency”.

                                                                            With Tata Sons deciding to setup
                                                                            this project as a new company it was
                                                                            incorporated on September 1, 1945
                                                                            and named as the “Tata Locomotive
                                                                            and Engineering Company Limited” by
             w     tata locomotive and engineering Co. ltd. Share Certifi cate.  a slight juxtaposition to TELCO.

              in an era when india was in the process of shaking off  foreign enslavement and required the
              wherewithal to get on the road to economic freedom, the setting up of TELCO was a beacon of hope.

              arMoureD VehiCleS:

              Sequentially the fi rst product of the newly formed   cars for the North African campaign, which they
              company were hulls for armoured vehicles which   did utilising TISCO (now Tata Steel) Steel. They
              were in the process of completion. Workshop’s   served the 8  army in its North African campaign in
              greatest claim to fame was its contribution to the   World War II saving many lives, as these hulls were
              war eff ort of the Allied forces during the World War   impenetrable by ordinary bullets. They were termed
              II, when it was called upon to manufacture armoured   as ‘Tatanagars’ with admiration by the soldiers.

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