Tata Central Archives is largely built on contributions from Tata companies. We are the proud custodians of hundreds of thousands of non-active Tata related Archival Records of evidential and historical value. These Records are preserved in a state-of-the-art climate controlled environment.

Several Tata companies have loaned their Records, which consist of original letters, manuscripts, minutes, reports, photographs, publications, paintings, artefacts and memorabilia, in both physical and digital formats, which the company has created over the years. These Records have been meticulously stored thereby increasing their longevity and value.

By donating your organisation’s Records to TCA, you are assured that its history and heritage will be preserved as part of your corporate memory.

Private donations:

From the vast families of the Tata group, TCA enjoys a continuous and mutual process of sharing achievements, anecdotes and accolades. Your personal Records could have historic value and we at TCA would welcome your Tata Stories. Please do share these with us.

Transfer of Records to Tata Central Archives: 

When Records of archival value are no longer being actively used, they can be transferred to TCA. We accept Tata related Archival Records in any format, created or received by Tata companies.

Please do get in touch with our Archivist for further details.

During the process, we will confirm the archival value of the Records and determine how best to manage them once they are in the Archives' custody. We will consider their storage needs, ongoing preservation, conservation and public accessibility requirements, etc.

All TCA donors must adhere to the rules as outlined in the Guidelines for Transferring Records (please contact TCA for details) and accept TCA’s full rights over the Records that are transferred to process them, allow access to the public, display them in exhibitions, reproduce them and sell photocopies of the original without any restrictions of copyright.

TCA discourages unreasonable restrictions on access or use by the company but may accept as a condition of acquisition clearly stated restrictions of limited duration and may occasionally suggest such restrictions to protect privacy. TCA observes faithfully all agreements made at the time of transfer or acquisition.

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To discover how you or your company can get involved with the Tata Central Archives, please get in touch with:

The Archivist, Tata Central Archives,
Tata Management Training Centre Campus, No. 1, Mangaldas Road,
Pune 411001, Maharashtra, India. 
Phone: (+91-20) 6609-2016

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