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The Tata Central Archives adds value to Records of evidential and historical value pertaining to the Tata group.

Services offered to companies and institutions associated with the group

Preservation and Conservation

Archival Records stored at TCA are preserved within our climate-controlled repositories. Preservation prolongs the life of Records and reduces the need for laboratory treatment by improving the physical storage environment.

These actions include replacing acidic storage materials such as boxes and file folders with materials of known archival quality, improving shelving practices, removing damaging fasteners, reproducing unstable materials onto stable replacement materials, and dusting boxes and shelves in the repository with consistent temperature and humidity.

During the preservation survey, fragile Records requiring conservation treatment are identified. Conservation techniques are complex and the treatment of each Record is treated differently. Although TCA has trained conservationists on its staff, external or contractual specialist conservators are consulted when the need arises.


Digitisation and Instant Retrieval Tools

All files accessioned into the Collection are catalogued and arranged according to provenance. Fragile and important Records are identified and scanned. Frequent handling of the original fragile Records can endanger its existence. To protect and to ensure its accessibility, digitisation of Records is being carried out on a priority basis at TCA. This ensures protection from handling and theft, which is perceived as a major risk.

The digitised surrogates are then imported into a customised archival retrieval software to enable content search and easy dissemination of the Records.

The digitized images are available to the Tata companies on a DVD with an encrypted search engine. This ensures ease of access to information instantly. TCA has ensured increased utility to the collections by allowing a wider audience access to the digital surrogates.



Outreach is considered an extension of reference work, and this activity brings the Tata Records or the means of using them, closer to the public. Outreach in TCA ranges from exhibitions, setting up of heritage corners, talks and group induction into the rich history and heritage of the Tata group.

The well-experienced and creative team at TCA curates


and organises thematic exhibitions that highlight the history of the Tata group, its philanthropic institutions and the various personalities associated with them.

These outreach programmes go a long way in inspiring and motivating the employees and creating awareness amongst the general public about the group’s rich history and achievements.


Additional services offered to the Tata group, other organisations and the general public.

Resource Centre

As the corporate business archive of the Tata group, TCA is an important resource centre for companies and individuals seeking information on the history of the House of Tata.

Numerous queries are received every day and it is our endeavour to respond to each of them.

TCA is also open to individuals undertaking academic research on topics pertaining to the Tata group.



Over the years, TCA has acquired a wealth of knowledge regarding best practices involved in running a corporate business archive. Several upgradation projects have been undertaken to keep up-to-date with the latest technologies involved in running a state-of-the-art facility.

TCA makes this knowledge available to both Tata and non-Tata institutions that are keen on establishing business archives. Our consultancy includes information and support regarding collection, preservation, storage, digitisation and display of Archival Records. Over the years, TCA has successfully provided consultation to several corporate organisations.


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