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country’s most distinguished and
                                            adventurous citizen. In 1982 at the age of
                                            78, he re-enacted his Karachi-Bombay
                                            flight of 1932 to instill a spirit of
                                            adventure among the members of the
                                            younger generation.

          J.R.D. Tata’s Aviator’s Certificate No. 1, 1929.
                           FROM THE
        On October 15, 1932, the first flight of
        Indian civil aviation took off from Karachi
        with J.R.D. at the controls of a Puss Moth
        flying solo to Ahmedabad and on to
                                             Re-enactment of the first airmail flight by
        Bombay (now Mumbai).
                                            J.R.D. Tata on the occasion of the Golden Jubilee
                                            of Indian civil aviation – October 15, 1982.
                                            It was J.R.D.’s love for fast cars that led
                                            him to Thelma Vicaji. In the 1920’s he
                                             was gifted a Bugatti by his father. In those
                                            days J.R.D. could drive a long distance of
                                            roughly 200 kms in two and a half hours.
                                            T h e  B o m b a y
                                OF THE
                                            Police were not
                                            too happy with
                                            the Bugatti in

        J.R.D. Tata with Nevill Vintcent on his left at    town and were
                                            determined to
        Juhu, Bombay, October 15, 1932 after the first  frame him in an
        historic flight of the subcontinent landed from   accident. It was in
        Karachi. The plane was piloted by J.R.D. Tata.
                                            one such frame-
                                            up that J.R.D.
        In 1946, Tata Air Lines, became a full-
        fledged company called Air-India and two   visited Jack Vicaji
        years later at J.R.D.’s suggestion, Air-India   to  retain  his
        International was launched. J.R.D.  services and saw   Thelma, circa 1940.
        resigned   from  the  Boards  and   his  beautiful
        Chairmanship of both Companies when  niece Thelma. A romance blossomed and
        Indian Air Transport was nationalised in   Thelma became Mrs. J.R.D. Tata in 1930.
                                            In 1938, when Sir Nowroji Saklatvala, the
        His single-minded devotion to every  Chairman of Tata Sons who had
        aspect of the airline was legendary.  succeeded his cousin Sir Dorabji Tata in
        Millions regarded J.R.D. as a symbol of  that position a few years earlier, expired
        integrity and forth righteousness, as the   J.R.D. was catapulted to head the
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