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Tata Central Archives houses over 15 lakh print and digital documents, which are an important source for tracing the history of the Tata group and its economic and social impact on the nation.

The Document Collections include formation papers, annual reports, board minutes, business, trade and accounting records, legal matters, labour welfare measures, biographies, history projects, publications, speeches, in-house journals, advertisements, etc.

One of the oldest documents in the Archives is the Annual Report of Jamsetji Tata’s first venture, The Central India, Spinning, Weaving and Manufacturing Company Limited dating back to 1875.

Tata companies, researchers and authors can refer to these for academic and non-academic publications and exhibitions. Please do contact us with detailed requests and we will be happy to discuss the financials.

All requests are subject to review by Tata Central Archives. Documents for publication or distribution must be ordered through Tata Central Archives and cannot be reproduced, transferred, published, or posted on the internet, loaned or deposited with another individual or repository without prior written permission from the Tata Central Archives.

The following is a representation of the type of Records in the Tata Central Archives Document Collections.

This first J.N. Tata Endowment awarded to Dr. Freany K.R. Cama, in 1892. She went on to study Midwifery and Diseases of Women and Children at Edinburgh, U.K. and Dublin, Ireland. Dr. Cama returned to India and worked extensively in the field. This agreement is one of only two agreements signed by Jamsetji Tata, and is representative of his initiative to aid women who were interested in pursuing higher studies.

Memorandum on the Growth of Egyptian Cotton in India submitted by Jamsetji N. Tata in 1896 after carrying out an in-depth study on the subject.

The Armorial Bearings given to the late Sir Ratan Tata dated, August 8, 1919.

An advertisement published on October 15, 1962, commemorating the 30th Anniversary of Air India.

First Day Indian Post Office covers brought out in 1982, commemorating 50 years of Air India.

A copy of the letter written by Air Marshal Arjan Singh to JRD Tata on being promoted to Honorary Air Commodore in 1966.

JRD Tata’s reply to Air Marshal Arjan Singh congratulatory letter on being promoted to Honorary Air Commodore in 1966.

The first edition of the book - Jamsetji Nusserwanji Tata: A Chronicle of His Life by Frank Harris, along with a press clipping, reporting the launch of the book in 1925. This book which is now out of print continues to be the most detailed record of Jamsetji Tata’s life and work.

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