Tata Central Archives Photographic Collections

TCA’s Photographic Collections is an important source in tracing the history of the Tata group and has been extensively used in the print and visual media.

The Photographic Collections consists of over 75,000 still images dating as far back as the late 1800s, arranged and catalogued into Tata companies, Tata Trusts, Tata philanthropic institutions, offices and residences, Tata personalities and miscellaneous collections or those donated by various individuals. The photographs are in physical and digital formats, which have been created over the years.

Please do contact us with detailed requests and we will be happy to discuss the financials. All requests are subject to review by Tata Central Archives. Images for publication or distribution must be ordered through the Tata Central Archives and cannot be reproduced, transferred, published, or posted on the internet, loaned or deposited with another individual or repository without prior written permission from Tata Central Archives.

Please also note that the photographs and digitised images in TCA may be copyrighted. It is your responsibility to identify the rightful copyright owner and obtain permission before making use of these Records in any way.

The images below are a representation of the type of photographs in TCA’s Photographic Collections.

Tata Family Collections

J.R.D. Tata’s Collections

Tata Companies

Tata Institutions

Please note some of the images on the website have been digitally enhanced. Requested images will be provided in raw format.

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