Tata Central Archives Multimedia Collections

Tata Central Archives Multimedia Collections comprises over 200 audio and video recordings on various Tata companies, institutions and personalities. Speeches by Tata luminaries such as J.R.D. Tata, Dr. J.J. Bhabha, N.A. Palkhivala, etc., form an important part of the Multimedia Collections.

Since these Multimedia Records are in a fragile condition, copies of the same are disseminated only in rare circumstances. All requests are subject to review by Tata Central Archives.

Some of the multimedia files may be copyrighted or restricted. The Archives possesses privately produced material that has been donated with copyright or other use restrictions.

Please contact the Archivist regarding the copyright or restricted use status of the material.

Multimedia files within the Collections cannot be reproduced, transferred or posted on the internet, loaned or deposited with another individual or repository without prior written permission from the Tata Central Archives.

Due to copyright restrictions, we cannot put up a sample of our Multimedia Collections on the website. Kindly contact the Archivist for further details.

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