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The Tata ancestors were part of a  movement,

                                                  beginning  in  the eighth century, in  which  a
                                                  large  number of Parsis  left Persia for India.

                                                  One of the chief centres in  India  where they
                                                  came  and  settled was  Navsari,  Gujarat, and it

                                                  was  here that Jamsetji Nusserwanji Tata's
                                                  ancestors lived for more than twenty-five
                                                  generations as  priests.

                                                  Nestled  in one of the tiny by-lanes in

                                                  Dasturwad,  Navsari,  Gujarat, is the  house
                                                  where Jamsetji  Nusserwanji Tata,  Founder of

                                                  the  House of Tata,  was  born on  March  3,  1839.

                                                  On  the occasion  of the  175th birth anniversary
                                                  of Jamsetji  Nusserwanji Tata,  his  birthplace
                                                  has  been  restored and  is  now open  for public


                                                  As  was customary in  those days,  Jamsetji's
                                                  mother,  Jeevanbai,  came to  her father's  house
                                                  for the  birth of her first born . This  single

                                                  storeyed,  1,500 sq.  ft.  house  which  includes
                                                  the ground floor and first floor,  was owned
                                                  by  Kavasji  Maneckji Tata, great grandfather
                                                  of JRD Tata and  was endowed  into the
         The room where Jamsetji was born.
                                                  J.  N.  Tata  House  (Birthplace) Trust by
                                                  J RD  Tata on  March 3,  1939, the centenary
                                                  of Jamsetji Tata.

                                                  Walking  in  through  a low wooden  door one

                                                  enters a  small  sitting area.

                                                  The most special  and  revered area in  the
                                                  house is the room  where Jamsetji  was  born.

                                                  A  prayer room  with  utensils used  at that time

                                                  are also on  display.
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