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Amongst his  many achievements

       Jamsetji helped  pioneer India's textile
       industry;  he built Bombay's first
       modern  hotel  and  planned a  hydro-

       electric scheme  with  which  it was
       hoped  Bombay would  become a
       'smokeless city',  free from  the soot

       and grime of coal-burning textile  mills
       and other factories;  he conceived  an
       institute of science, the first of its kind
       in  Asia  and the launching  pad for

       India's scientific advance;  and the
       then  revolutionary idea of a  modern
                                                                                                   THt:.: PARTNLRStilP FIRM
       iron and  steel industry in  India.
       The larger portion of his  wealth  was

       allotted to education.  Regarding it as  a
       trust,  he invested  it in various
       schemes for the  benefit of India.                                                     ____ .... - ...

                                                                                 ::.:.:::::...--.. ;-·:•"'-!:::· ....... ~
       A  permanent exhibition tracing the life                                  ::.,::'_~.:.::::.. -·-.. -~ .   ~~~~
                                                                                 .. _,_M __ ~--: _
       of this extraordinary visionary  has
       been  set up with over 150 digitally
       enhanced  photographs. This exhibition

       takes you  on  a  guided  imagery
       journey portraying Jamsetji's
                                                                                *'•  .
       industrial  achievements,  his                                           -~16
                                                                                 . ..~ ..
       personality and  character,  the clothes

       he  wore,  the food  he  was  so fond  of,
       the  books  he read,  and the  numerous                        ~□
       journeys which  he undertook during

       his lifetime.

                           J. N.  Tata's Birthplace, Next to Bai Navajbai Tata Primary School,

                                         Dasturwad, Navsari, Gujarat 396 445.
                                Timings: 10am to 1pm and 3pm to 5pm. Sunday Closed.

                                 Contact Person: Behzad Moga/.  Mobile: 9033792936.
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