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Another room  leads to a  back door and a  small
             ---·                                 outdoor area.
                              2  - - .:. • .!._-:._
                                II •
                             U  - ---- n          Climb a  flight of  steep wooden  stairs  which
                                ~-- --"
                             ----- -----          leads to the upper floor. These could  have  been
                            ---       ?   -
                             - -
                            -- -        !Ill
         ~          -                             the sleeping quarters.
                                                  When  Jamsetji  Nusserwanji Tata,  was  born in
                                                  1839, merchandise was  still  being carried
                                                  across the seas in  sailing  ships, or over land  by
                                                  horse and  bullock carts. The  world  was  still  in
                                                  the era of the stage-coach. There  were no

                                                  railways  in  the whole  of India  which  was then
                                                  dominated  by the East India Company.

                                                  By the time Jamsetji  passed  away in  1904, the
                                                  modern  world  had come to life.  Railways  linked

                                                  city with  city and country with  country . The
                                                  motor car had arrived.  Modern  industry and
                                                  modern communications  had changed  the world

                                                  scene.  Jamsetji Tata  had  himself immensely
                                                  contributed to these dramatic changes  which
                                                  had  taken  place between  his  birth and  his

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